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Beautiful women & stunning men by wearing fragrance of citrus,cinnamon & sandalwood, by mixture of all three notes of perfume

Understand Perfume Pyramid before you use or gift it

Understand Perfume Pyramid before you use or gift it


A warm Welcome to my all readers, viewers & lovers of Perfume and those who are madly in love with all good Fragrance.

How one will explain if anyone will ask you why this particular perfume is your one of favorite ones, nothing to worry dear my reader here am with lots of thoughts & experience /knowledge about Perfume which I collected practically and by taking feedback from few people by visiting Malls, Perfume shops and while traveling via airports during my visits and during my this process I noticed that still few are unaware about the perfume which will help them to select their own perfume independently for self or to gift their loved ones.
So here am to assist and share the knowledge and information to select of your own perfume of your own choice by knowing all information & awareness of their beautiful notes of perfume as without Perfume notes they will be totally incomplete and so starting with

Pyramid of the Perfume ” in a very simple &sweet words .

perfume fragrance top note, heart note and base note of pyramid

The moment we hears or watch word Perfume the first thing comes in our mind and our heart feels is a

Good Fragrance with good feel.

What is Pyramid? Everyone is already aware but very few is aware about Pyramid of Perfume.

All Perfume Pyramid follows the same Structure by Their main three Notes of Perfume and each

Note helps to select the best perfume for self or to gift whom you love. Perfume Pyramid Image will help

you to make you easy to understand perfume notes, they are divided in to three main notes as follows.

First comes first so let’s start with Top Notes, than Heart and last is Base Notes.

Top notes is also known as head notes

Top most note of among all perfume levels very catchy and easily get selected by all as the moment you, spray perfume or try it wins your heart by its first impression & easily get purchased by anyone whoever wish to buy it by Visit to Perfume shops, Gallery or even you may get impressed by its fragrance those who is already Wearing it and passing through you.

Due to its light molecules it evaporate so quickly say may be around 5-10 mins and its essential oils Which carry on 15 -25 % of blend by which the fragrance last for 5 mins to 2 hours, compare to other Notes top note have the shortest life as the ingredients which covers this notes is very light & easily take the place of normal temperature & gives fresh feel and good vibes which remains for short time.

Though it last for short time but from its fragrance it helps us to boost our mood to keep you fresh, to Energizes you & this notes perfume are loved by both Women’s & men’s too.

The Fragrance category of this top notes are

Green (peppermints and Peppermint)

Citrus (lemon, Mandarin & Grapefruit)

Ozonic (airy and Watery Fragrance giving)

Would like to suggest you and help you to know few of brands which follow the same.

Jaguar Classic


Heart Note is known as Mid note too

Next step to second note of perfume which is known as Heart notes takes place only after top notes once get evaporate to lead heart note, it start its role within 15 minutes in a very initial result and you can feel the fragrance for more hours later, after the combination of Heart notes and its gradually mixture with top notes both need to get blend similarly to make Perfume too .

The smooth combination of Floral or Fruit tones are the category essences and Middle notes are famously known as heart of fragrance.

The Fragrance category of Heart notes

Spice (Cinnamon, Clove & Pepper)

Floral (Rose , Jasmine & Lemongrass)

Fruity (Strawberry, Peah & Apple)

Would like to suggest you and help you to know few of brands which follow the same.

Chloe New Eau de Parfum Spray


Base note

Base note are the final note among three notes of perfume after Top notes are evaporate for full body of the fragrance, It have to mingle with Heart notes to provide last impression and so we get through base note only, it lingers on the richest notes on the skin for hours only after top notes is completely dissipated Base notes appears within 20-30 minutes and last for hours on our skin as comprising in the end about 10-25 % of total aroma.

It’s also known as foundation of fragrance which gets ready for complete perfume by mingling with heart notes and warms up your body temperature after the combination of heart notes and base notes .

The Fragrance category of Base notes

Baked Scents (Cocoa & Brown sugar)

Woody (Sandalwood & Cedar wood)

Musk (Powdery & Sweet)

Would like to suggest you and help you to know few of brands which follow the same.

Lacoste Essential Eau De Toilette


This way the Perfume Notes ends here , as everyone know that team works always boosts by giving us the best results ,same as in Perfume Levels by there all three combination mixture they gives us a very beautiful and long lasting fragrance to create a best Perfume.

Dear viewers hope my this small and sweet blog will be helpful to buy your right choice of Perfume, so taking a leave for now will be in touch with you on my page for you, all you have to just miss me if you rise up with any queries and you can even your share your own experience with us.

My Note: Namaste , “Fragrance keeps you fresh throughout your day”

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