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Top Best Hand Sanitizers Protect From Coronavirus 2020 World Wide

Hand Sanitizers Protect From Coronavirus

Covid 19 2020 word itself scares us as this is an unexpected and unbelievable disease by which everyone got shocked still no one is able to cope up with it ,everything  was so sudden that World just got shut down zone wise  by one day curfew, everything is just unpredictable with no future view dates keeps getting postponed ,everyone went jobless few got an options by working from home for their family’s present and future, never in history trains was shut completely in India for long period none of transport was affected,but by using hand sanitizers we can save our life.

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Hygienic Rules
Corona virus disease impacted the entire World and our health too, life goes  so  move on in life with lots of safety awareness by using Hand Sanitizers for self and for our families. Covid 19 2020 means germs,  hygiene rules can stop say by washing our hand by sanitizer to maintain hygiene and to stop germs to spread person to person.



so don’t invite disease on your own just say bye to disease by knowing some information of Sanitizer .Its our parents responsibility to prepare little champs by using hygiene products with safety notes about does and don’t rules before they step out from home,we will be more relaxed on earth,From sunrise to sunset, home-office-home, home-school-home our habit of washing hands with Sanitizer need to follow strictly.

How Hand Sanitizers works for our hygienic lifestyle

Just apply on one hand  few 2 to 3 drops of Sanitizer to our palm and before you apply please keep in mind that all organic particles are removed ,rub both hands at the same time by covering the surface of fingers and hands ,till the hand sanitizer is absorbed.Water sanitizer act very quickly to kill microorganisms on hands,they reduce bacteria from hand ,they do not promote antimicrobial resistance so we are all set to enjoy our meal our drink once we are safe our al surroundings becomes safe automatically by our one good step.


How to cleaning smartphone by spraying alcohol spray kill virus for prevent corona

After and during Covid 19 2020 and once we are back to our daily routine like going offices ,tours ,schools ,we have to start from scrap by cleaning our cars ,offices ,home by spray, surface & room freshener and yes never forget most important material which is always with us I think you few already guess it.

yes its mobile phone or some laptops as our hands keeps touching the mobile or laptop screen so please do take help of Phone Sanitizers as after our outside visit by touching lifts ..stairs ..doors our hands goes back to our mobile screen and with the same hand we come back our home so please follow all safety and hygine note in mind from now for safe future.

My Note : Keep our hand clean and safe to fight with any disease

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