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Best Park Avenue Classic Deo Perfume Spray For Men Online India 2020

Product Description

  • Quantity: 450ml (150ml Each); Item Form: Spray
  • Keeps body odour away
  • Long-lasting fragrance
  • Skin Type: All Skin Types
  • Usage: Give it a good hard shake first to make sure all the ingredients are mixed together before you spray it. You should hold the can approximately 15 cm from your body or clothes as you spray it.
  • Target Audience: Men
  • Package Contents: 1 Good Morning, 1 Cool Blue and 1 Storm Deodorant

Best Park Avenue Classic Deo Perfume Spray For Men Online India 2020

Perfume: Best Park Avenue Classic Deo Perfume Spray For Men Online India 2020 | Available On Amazon

Park Avenue Classic Deo Set For Men (Combo Of 3)

Best Park Avenue Classic Deo Perfume Spray For Men Online India 2020

Park Avenue Classic Deo let’s just start our day with this Deo fragrance which will make your day starts with and a very beautiful way with all top range with Park Avenues to make more and more meetings and visit as the fragrance remains for a long time to keep you feel fresh and active ahead.

An original Collection of Fragrance for a Kick start to your day as all the good start of the mornings makes our day beautiful and great throughout our day, the unique sensual notes of Patchouli and Mandarin and by this irresistible fragrance is predominantly a Gourmand fragrance which keeps us and makes us feel and give the feeling of sweetness , warmth generous vanillic touches the best features of the same are they are Refreshing Fragrance ,Long-Lasting , Perfect to Kickstart your Day and  Safe & Smooth on Skin 

As all know Park Avenue Original Collection as it comes in Aromatic blends to suit your mood

My Note: “Aromatic fragrance  is a most lovable fragrance “

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2) Park Avenue Alter Ego Signature Deo for Men 150 ml

3) Park Avenue Alexander Body Fragrance for Men 150 ml

Product Description

Kick-start your day with Park Avenue’s all top range in Deo to make most of the opportunities that lies ahead.

From the Manufacturer

Original Collection -Good Morning 

A good start makes a day great. Good Morning Wake Up keeps you fresh all day long with unique sensual notes of Patchouli and Mandarin. This irresistible fragrance is predominantly a Gourmand Fragrance which indicates freshness, sweetness, warmth, generous vanillic touches – a fragrance we want to snuggle up to!

Maximum Shelf Life: 34 Months

The Park Avenue Orginal Collection 

Irresistible fragrances which come in various aromatic blends to suit your mood. Original Collection fragrances are amazingly refreshing and perfect to kick start your day.

Variants: Good Morning | Cool Blue | Storm | Tranquil.

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes:-These are the first notes perceived after applying a fragrance .they introduce the wearer to the fragrance and serve as first impressions

Heart Notes:-As the headnotes fade the heart notes tend to emerge , these are transitory notes that linger as the base becomes noticeable.

Base Notes:-Base notes are the foundations of a fragrance they are longlasting aromas that usually form accords with the heart notes .base notes are what provides a fragrance its longevity and a usually last for hours

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