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How Perfume’s & fragrance can boost our mood 24/7

How Perfume’s & fragrance can boost our mood 24/7



How perfume’s fragrance can boost our mood 24/7, Welcome to my page hope all doing well at home during this lock down time overall world are facing he same problems, suffering with no clear picture about the future. All we have to take care of our self by following the safety steps, being 24/7 at home from our busy schedules with our family, spouse is a very precious moment & during this beautiful moment we might not get our personal space , maybe we rise up with an multiple moods, don’t let it affect our relationship.

Workout on it say by cooking together, playing old games, sharing our old good memories let say talk about the 1st date with your loved one, make a good use of some good perfume as the perfume notes can helps us to boost our mood with their fresh fragrance as it always keeps us clam, fresh, perfume notes mixture relives us from our stress, makes us active, energetic, everything becomes beautiful. Fragrance can keeps the mood positive even on few occasion we have a wear one particular perfume the good memories which is connected to that moment will give us positive feelings towards each other. Perfumes fragrance makes our mood to gives a good strong positive vibes.

Relationship Couple Bounding


Sometimes we are just off track from our 24/7 routine by our odd/even schedules of our work load individual responsibilities, odd eating timings and most important is nothing is just fix of our sleeping timings too which disturb our complete lifestyle routine which will be let’s make our life beautiful with the help of good perfume fragrance, the sense of all three fragrance notes get connected to our brain & trigger our memories taking a help of some chosen Branded perfume as they believe in making a standard product to deliver us all over world with good quality of fragrance as everyone’s expectations are high while buying the best product so no one compromise which is related to our health and lifestyle.

So let’s make it little simple by explaining you with mood boosting notes & Ingredients of perfumes. Three notes like Top notes a, Heart notes & Base note which plays a strong role in all perfume for our multiple moods which keeps us 24/7 active in our journey.

If you have right now any perfume bottle close to you just open it spray like rain drops on you feel the difference it will give the same fragrance of earth when it rains,in few seconds it will make you calm from your current mood which is just thinking about the crises happening in the world with clear picture about breathe of good fragrance will make Soul pure.

Perfume’s & fragrance can boost our mood 24/7  with the help of your favorite perfume brands like Versace, Eternity and Passion  who’s only concern is to serve you best by adding their beautiful citrus  notes to take away from our depression mood to relaxing mood ,lavender with cedar wood notes will change our fears to confidence attitude as fragrance can manage fear easily,calm down notes like jasmine with vanilla to calm sense,mind gets attracted with perfume fragrance like Rose ,rose means we can only think by getting feelings  of respect,love,care ,attraction ,emotions.

Versace Eternity and Passion Perfume Bottle



Lovely fragrance are always catchy just a smell a flower when you are in bad mood,in anger mood,apart from perfume let’s take help of fragrance attractive candles to make our life little more better which is easily in our hand each home,office ,cars have special fragrance as per our choice presence absence of fragrance we carry in our memories of each places we visited by reminding all memories connected to that particular fragrance touches heart an positive memories brings positive emotions only with positive feel,love for our loved ones.

Beautiful Decorated candles doesn’t need any occasion to light in your daily routine at our own sweet home the essence of scented candles will remove stress by refreshing our mind which reaches to our beautiful soul gives happy lifestyle.

Home Decorated Fragrance Candles

“Our life our responsibility” by adding small small fragrance,perfumes to keep our mood 24/7 boosted by forget all our pain ,hectic routine, negative thoughts ,bad memories,just feel the flamed candle of beautiful fragrance ,apply the best branded perfumes with their selective perfume notes to keep us active ,to give positive feel ,to focus in our life to move on to achieve our targets, Goals of life.

Try to feel the difference by reading my notes with example of the fragrance candle with branded perfumes.

Will be waiting for hear from you by sharing your beautiful experience of life with me.

My Note :  ” Enjoy your life 24/7 in beautiful way “

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